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Liver Transplant when done for the right reasons, at the right time and by the right people can be a BOON OF LIFE, however most of the patients are unprepared for this major undertaking and tend to get carried away by inadequate, unsubstantiated and sometimes misleading information available through the internet and propaganda done on behalf of Liver Transplant Centers. Therefore to get the best result out of this life-saving procedure of Liver Transplant , it is advised to LOOK before you LEAP.

After working as a Senior Transplant Coordinator in renowned centers of Liver Transplant in India with reputed surgeons and with the experience of dealing with about 12500 liver disease patients and personally coordinating more than 800 liver transplants in India, the author Dr. Jyotsna Verma, started feeling that she should provide the benefits of her experience to all the patients in need for Liver Transplant and not restrict herself to a single Team, Center or Area. In past Decade, India has become an attraction for Medical Tourism specially for Liver Transplant because of 'Low Cost and High Success Rate'. The cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India varies between 10 to 30 Lacs Rupees (INR) which is about 1/6th of the cost of Liver Transplant Surgery abroad.

A new Liver gives a new life and a well informed decision gives a successful Liver Transplant and complete satisfaction to the patient. The Patient and his family need to have proper Guidance and Education regarding Liver Disease and Liver Transplant procedure before going for this major undertaking.

Liver Transplant is a highly complex procedure and the Patient and his/her family members are in a dilemma - what to do, where to go, how to proceed, what are the Pros and Cons, is the Liver Transplant actually required or is there any other option available, how to tackle Financial, Legal, Donor-related issues, what are the Risks Involved, is there any Risk to the Donor, What is the Actual Success Rate, etc. etc. the list of such queries is endless.

The author wants to help, guide and educate such patients through her  experience as a Liver Transplant Consultant and to share the moments faced by the patients in their Pre, Peri and Post transplant Period.

Many times during her services Dr. Jyotsna Verma came across the end-stage liver disease patients and the families of Fulminant Liver Failure patients who were not understanding the need of Liver Transplant and running away from life thinking that liver disease was the END. There are many queries in their minds which need detailed counseling and education regarding Medical, Legal and Financial issues related to Liver Transplant procedure and life after Liver Transplant.

The story does not end with having a liver transplant done and recovery from the operation. Post Transplant Period is extremely important and requires education about post-transplant care and every single precaution to have a healthy, normal lifestyle afterwards. Although a patient who has undergone a liver transplant, can expect a normal life in terms of health, activity and vigor, some basic precautions, anti-rejection drugs and periodic follow-up with Liver Transplant Team will continue for life.

This website also aims to catalyze the Movement of ORGAN DONATION in India by spreading awareness and clarifying myths related to ORGAN DONATION so that many more lives of the patients with organ failure could be saved.

An Important Message and Information for Liver Disease Patients from Foreign Countries coming to India for Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant Hospitals in India are excellent in terms of medical services, latest machines and instruments, environment, infrastructure, care and surroundings. Doctors are highly qualified, experienced and skilled. Treatment of the patient is started from the very first day. Medical staff is friendly and helpful and staff to patient ratio is much higher than that in many developed countries. There is a personal touch in the treatment. Due to nearly same culture the patients have not to face any language problem. Moreover there is an extremely friendly and favourable exchange rate of currency between India and Pakistan.

But even Moon has scars.

Rejection of the Donor, Unnecessary Medical Tests, Middlemen and/or Commissions Agents, Red-tape, Inexplicable delays, Exploitation by some black-sheep and many other factors usually destroy the rosy picture explained above in Pink-Colour. During our consultation (2 to 3 hours) we discuss each and every minor detail related to Liver Disease and Liver Transplant in India. There are three types of patients:

  • (1) Those who donot need immediate Liver Transplant but come to India due to misinformation or because of agents. ( Bina Jarurat Khawari Hoti Hai or Kai Baar Liver Transplant Bhi karva Jaate Hai.)
    As every heart-disease patient does not need heart-surgery, similarly every liver disease patient does not need liver transplant. Most of liver disease patients can manage and live with the same liver for many months or years.

  • (2) Those who need Liver Transplant and come to India directly without advance preparation, without complete information about Doctors, Hospitals their pros and cons etc. Unfortunately such unprepared patients and their family members have to suffer a lot of unforseen problems. ( Badi Khawari Hoti Hai.)

  • (3) Those who need Liver Transplant and come to India after detailed Video consultation. Their Liver Transplant is successful, low cost, affordable, by the best surgeons, in the best hospital and their experience is positive and smooth. For Video consultation and conference Contact us.

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India Liver Transplant provides information on liver transplant in India and abroad, cost of liver transplant, success rate of liver transplant, liver transplant in China, liver transplant in Delhi, about pros and cons of liver surgery, treatment for common liver diseases, cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, liver donor, risks to liver donor's life, cadaveric liver transplant, liver cancer treatment, liver transplant medicines, post liver transplant life, care, precautions and sucess rate, acute liver failure by India's most experienced liver transplant coordinator Jyotsna Verma who worked with pioneers of Liver transplant surgery in India, Dr. A. S. Soin, Dr. Samiran Nundy, Dr. Subash Gupta, Dr. Vivek Vij, Dr. Rahul Kakodkar, Dr. Vinay Kumaran, Dr. Mohammed Rela, Dr. Anand Ramamurthy, and worked with best liver transplant team at Liver Transplant Unit Sir Ganga Ram Hospital(SGRH), Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicines, Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon and Fortis Hospitals, NOIDA and has been to ILBS (Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences).

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